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Orange Blossoms • Dewy Gardenia • Spiced Vanilla

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Our Grace Wooden Wick Candle is a testament to the multifaceted beauty and elegance found in every aspect of life. Formulated with luxury, non-toxic ingredients, this candle offers a sensory experience that is both indulgent and safe.

Enjoy enchanting scent notes of orange blossoms, dewy gardenia, and spiced vanilla, carefully blended to evoke a sense of sophistication and grace. Each fragrance element is a tribute to the diverse forms of beauty that grace our world, from the delicate petals of a flower to the warmth of a comforting embrace.

Embrace the elegance and poise of our Grace Wooden Wick Candle, and let its irresistible fragrance remind you of the beauty that surrounds us in all its forms. With each flicker of the flame, find solace in the grace that permeates every moment of our lives.


Top: orange blossoms
Heart: dewy gardenia, night blooming florals
Base: spiced vanilla


  • Formulated with non toxic, premium, and organic ingredients. 
  • Set the mood with our Spotify Playlist Pairings, just locate and scan the QR code on your Haven and Flux fragrance. 
  • Strong hot and cold throw for a subtle but noticeable scent throughout your space.  
  • Premium, non-toxic scents that don’t over power your space and last for 70+ hours.
  • Organic, vegan coconut soy wax provides a clean long lasting burn. 
  • Thick-rimmed, high quality, glass jars allow you to burn your candle for up to four hours without so much as a crack.
  • Small batches hand poured in Northern Nevada.
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