This one is for the girls. It’s the impossible, yet fulfilling experience of becoming a woman. Because it seems that everyone and no one has an understanding of what it means to be a woman. It’s ever changing. Something delicate determined by the masses and rarely the individual. Be polite, but not too polite. Be strong, but not too strong. Have kids, but not like that. Raise kids, but only if you do it right. Be confident, but don’t acknowledge your looks. Be a boss, but not bossy. Perspectives that define our own self worth. 

What we seem to overlook is the way a matriarch can quietly lead generations. The grace with which she carries herself through the most impossible battles. The beauty everyone can see and somehow she overlooks. The way she fills a void you didn’t know existed and the gaping hole she leaves when she’s gone. The desperation to have her, to keep her, to love her just one more time. 

The laugh that escapes her without her control, the way it fills your heart and lights up any space. Her playfulness that only grows more beautiful with time because it’s proof she didn’t let the world define her. She held onto that little girl who had high hopes for her life. The grit it takes to be filled with grace in a world that seems to have lost the meaning. The way she loses herself in the moment, in time, in the expectations. The way she pulls through and holds true. 

The community that only a woman seems to be able to create and the family she fights to have and keep. The physical pain it takes to maintain a healthy body and hopefully a home to grow a child. The risks she took not knowing they were risks at all. The way she was called crazy when the hormones coursing through her veins made her feel insane. The freedom of birth control that may have led to a personal torment later in life. The ones who let the hardships of the world get the best of them and the strong and kind humans they accidentally created. The women who never get the opportunity to raise their own children, yet find ways to create life in the communities and careers they take on. The way she was judged and ridiculed by her peers, yet she chose to love more deeply with each new opportunity. To give grace and to be it. 

See no matter what kind of woman or her circumstances - she has the power to create life. Not always in the form of children. While that is a beautiful miracle in and of itself, that’s not all she’s capable of. She will make a house a home. She will build an empire. She creates life in small gatherings with loved ones. She insights passion in men. She empowers friends and lovers. And when she finally feels brave enough she empowers herself. 

She is not who you think she is and she is definitely not who you say she is. You likely do not know her at all. For if she is seeking validation, then she is lost. But when she finds a way to validate herself without spite, she becomes unstoppable. She will be your best days and if provoked - your worst nightmares. She has lived many lives and faced many burdens. She is a mama, a lover, a friend, and a fierce enemy. She has taken on many forms in a single lifetime. So whether you are friend, lover, or foe - it is not up to you to determine her worth, it is only for you to decide if  you will accept her as she is.
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