It can be a little blurry, but for us it's black and white. Toxins are a hard no at Haven and Flux.

But what does non-toxic fragrance even mean? 

Here are the three most common toxins found in fragrances. We never use ingredients with any of these. 

PHTHALATES are scent carriers that can affect the reproductive system. No thanks.

MUTAGENS are chemicals or physical agents that can change our genetic makeup in a harmful way. Gross.

CARCINOGENS substances that can increase your risk of cancer. Going to be a hard no.


This is a topic I'm personally very passionate about...
1. The reason I couldn't burn candles before was because phthalates make my skin crawl. No seriously, I can tell the quality of a perfume or fragrance instantly. Cheap or toxic fragrances will give me headaches and make me seriously agitated. My dad actually gets vertigo from them.
2. Toxins (in food and fragrance) are inflammatory, which means that your body's defense systems are forced to fight off that inflammation. If we're not fighting inflammation, our bodies will use those resources to process food, keep us warm, circulate blood, and absorb nutrients. Let's not make our bodies do extra, unnecessary work.
3. Hormones - you know those little things that communicate with all of the cells and organs in our bodies? Ya well, synthetic fragrances can mimic hormones and affect our immune system, reproductive system and nervous system... and not in a good way.

I don't say this to make you panic. Knowledge is key and life is about balance. I like an 80:20 approach to toxins. I know they're out there and I don't stress about it when I'm out and about (although if I've been to your home and you notice a glade plugin is unplugged...hi, it's me, I'm the problem).

The important thing is to make adjustments where you can and fragrance is one of those adjustments. 

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