Haven and Flux has been a complete accident on my part. For a brand that is all about being intentional, I truly was the least intentional person when I started it.

I was sitting in my house one day after buying the most expensive set of “luxury” candles. Not only were they expensive but I had compromised my interior design preferences when I made my purchase. I’m sitting there looking at this candle thinking, “Why is it pink? How many people REALLY want pink in their house? And why don’t I smell the candle?” Essentially, I was having major buyer’s remorse.

Previously, my ex had come across a candle I had made back in the day and he suggested I try making a candle of my own. In 24 hours I had sourced materials, come up with a name, designed a logo and candles, and secured social handles and a domain for Haven and Flux.

I had made candles before and back then I was told I was foolish to think I could have my own company.
[Pro tip - Never ask others if you should start a business, their limitations are not yours. If you have an idea… just start, even if it’s small.]

Here’s how you know you’re on the right path. It’s not easy but it has forward motion. Like a river flowing around boulders, fish, and dams. It never stops moving, it just works around obstacles and carries things with it.

Haven and Flux swept me up in its current. I posted about it on social media fully expecting I wouldn’t even get a sale. However, I got so many sales I had to quit my job two weeks later. [To clarify I do NOT recommend this. Keep your job until you have a couple seasons under your belt.]

I started using my previous experience in retail and wholesale sales and the business continued to grow. I realized I wanted to make Haven and Flux more than just candles. I’m incredibly passionate about Mental Health and the lack of services for people with severe mental illnesses. So I decided I would use the candles to start a conversation. I made them intentional and started donating $1 back to Mental Health America.

Then my life exploded, I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and three of my grandparents passed away in less than 7 months. I started using music to keep my mind right. In doing that for myself, I realized music really can help you change your mindset and heal your heart. I decided my customers deserved that kind of support as well.
Side note - I’m notorious for sharing playlists and songs with the people that I love. I’ve never been one who could clearly express my emotions or feelings, so I would use music to help me do that.
Now, I get to use one of my love languages as a tool in supporting my customers with their mental health. I get to use scent as a way to help ground them into an intention. I get to spread awareness about real life experiences with mental illness. AND I get to be creative and actionable by curating an experience with every product I release.

All of this is to say – I didn’t realize ANY of this was happening until a two and half years into business. I was just putting one foot in front of the other and controlling what I could. I was sharing my design process on instagram recently and realized I was exactly where God (or whatever you believe in) wanted me to be. That all along I had no idea what I was doing but it was coming together perfectly. By controlling the controllables, using my experience, and following my arrow I was unknowingly stepping into my Purpose.

Haven and Flux started off as a very simple concept - non-toxic candles that didn’t cost a fortune and didn’t clash with home decor.

Two years later Haven and Flux is so much more than that!
It is an experience… the experience of growth through challenges, mindsets, and life. It’s your safe Haven and your life in Flux. Like wax melting just before it fills up its final form and hardens, never intending to stay solid for long. Melting again under the heat of a flame only to solidify once more.

Haven and Flux is a community of people doing hard but meaningful things together. Living IN each moment. No matter where that moment takes place or who it’s experienced with.

Each Haven and Flux product is an intention and a reminder. You are strong enough to do whatever you put your mind to, we are all a work in progress, there are tools to help, and you are not alone. So be brave and follow your arrow.
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