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Every Haven and Flux collection has a story. Our last collection, Lovers and Friends was the multi-dimensional experience of love. From the base line of simple, pure love - something fierce. To finding your perfect match - a twin flame. To knowing the strength of an entire mob can be determined by the wife of it’s boss - a mob wife mentality.

There is strength in love and in some cases, there is an end. An ending that usually leads to finding an internal strength. A strength you should’ve developed before you fell in love, but let’s be honest, it’s never that easy. The greatest strength you’ll ever know is to love yourself enough to know your worth. You’ll never know how strong you can be until something forces you to prove it. Heartbreak, starting over, loss, roadblocks, missed connections - those are the things you build your character upon. Those moments when you try so hard to be enough, yet somehow you always feel as if you fall short. But like all moments, they end, and every once in a while you find your end game.

Well... THIS is not that story. 

This story starts and ends with feeling lucky. You’re lucky to have met someone. It feels delicate, doesn’t it? So very fragile that maybe you adapt to the other person. Convince them to stay or to love you. Little did you know they already liked you as you were when they met you. In fact, they felt lucky to be in your company. Now you’re just somebody’s problem - to love, to deal with, to adapt to, to grow with. And they didn’t agree to growth. Meanwhile, you grow tired of always trying so. damn. hard. So you start to distance yourself or maybe you start to anxiously find ways to feel good about yourself. You hit the gym, you start to eat right, you pick up hobbies, and focus on your career. Slowly you start to see beautiful changes in the way you look and feel. You’re so proud. It was all you, all along. Anyone would be LUCKY to have you! So why don’t they appreciate you?  

It’s simple - they were never your end game, just an ending.

They were a lesson in knowing how you deserve to be loved.

A lesson hard earned and well learned.


You see, everyone is lucky to know you.

The right people will find a reason to stay.

Everyone else is just a lesson along the way.


So be proud and feel lucky.

Make a mess, let yourself be somebody’s problem,.

Building blocks for your delicate reputation.


Because it’s all so very delicate, isn’t it?

Until it’s not.

And THAT is how you know...

You found your end game.

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